Electronic Ballasts

Helvar offers a full range of high quality electronic ballasts. Our product portfolio covers components for all possible applications regardless of control method: non-dimming, analogue controllable or digitally (DALI protocol) controllable.

T8 Single & Double Electronic Ballasts 18-58 Watts
T5 Single & Double Electronic Ballasts 15-58 Watts
T5 Single & Double Electronic Ballasts 14-80 Watts
Electronic Ballast Connection Diagrams

Magnetic Ballasts

HELVAR manufactures ballasts for all main HID lamp type’s. The high quality of HELVAR HID ballasts is guaranteed due to uncompromising material selection and 100 % testing of products.

T8 Magnetic Ballasts – L65-AP Only Available

HID Ballasts Connection diagrams


Electronic superimposed pulse ignitors.
Helvar Ignitors are Fully electronic, Super-imposed pulse type and Compact designed. They have a Solid metal fixing screw and High thermal resistance.

Ignitors 400 – 1000 Watts