Lighting Controls

Helvar ballast controllers allow analogue and other non-DALI controllable electronic ballasts to be integrated into DIGIDIM, DALI and Imagine systems. The range covers multichannel ballasts controllers for DIN-rail, Helvar 458 Series and Imagine rack systems.
472 DIGIDIM 1–10 V & DSI® Converter
474 4-Channel Ballast Controller
478 8-Subnet DALI Controller
The DIGIDIM Infrared Remote Control is a DIGIDIM – compatible unit for controlling or configuring a DIGIDIM lighting control system. Helvar’s DIGIDIM control panels and sensors are fitted with an infrared receiver that allows them to be used in conjunction with the remote control.
303 DIGIDIM Infrared Remote Controller
The 402.DIGIDIM Power Supply Unit is fully DALI-compatible, and provides a DIGIDIM system with the required supply of up to 250 mA and is a DIN rail mounted unit.
402 DIGIDIM Power Supply Unit
The 407 is an ultra-compact DALI power supply that provides up to 64 mA current to a DIGIDIM system. It is designed for installations in which the DALI power supply must be contained in a limited space.
407 Compact DALI Power Supply
The 405 DALI Repeater extends the maximum DALI line length from 300 m to 600 m and provides an additional 250 mA of DALI current. This device does not provide additional DALI addresses. The DALI limit of 64 addresses still applies.
405 DALI Repeater
The DIN rail mounted 406 DALI Repeater extends the maximum DALI line length from 300 m to 600 m and provides an additional 250 mA of DALI current. This device does not provide additional DALI addresses. The DALI limit of 64 addresses still applies.
406 DALI Repeater DIN rail mounted
The 510 module is an USB-to DALI interface that provides a convenient method of connecting a personal computer running Helvar Toolbox programming software to a Helvar DIGIDIM DALI network.
510 USB-DALI Interface
Helvar DIGIDIM and Imagine dimmers are capable of dimming most common load types including tungsten, mains voltage tungsten halogen and transformer fed low voltage tungsten halogen lamps. The range covers leading and trailing edge type dimmers including single channel and multi-channel dimmers with load capabilities from 500 W to 5.5 kW.
416S & 425S Single Channel Leading Edge Dimmer
452 DIGIDIM Universal Dimmer
454 Transistor Dimmer
455 DIGIDIM 500 W Thyristor Dimmer
498 8-Channel Relay Unit DATASHEET
Allows connection of wireless and battery less EnOcean controls to a Helvar lighting control system
434 EnOcean Gateway
Allows integration between a Helvar Router system and BACnet/IP BMS Client
435 BACnet Gateway
Helvar input units are designed to allow customer specified switches, sensors, timeclocks or other control devices to be incorporated into a lighting control system.
440 Input Unit
441 Occupancy Detector Interface
444 DIGIDIM Mini Input Unit
445 Switch Interface Unit with LED Tellback
503 AV Interface
942 Input Unit
For controlling switched loads such as curtains, non-dimmable luminaires and various non-lighting devices Helvar offers a full range of relay units.
490 2-Channel Blinds Controller
492 16 A Power Relay Unit
493 Single Channel Signal Relay Unit
494 4-Channel Relay Unit
498 8-Channel Relay Unit
499 8-Channel Latching Relay Unit
Helvar’s Imagine 950, 920, 910 and 905 Routers offer a building block for commercial, architectural and ArchitainmentTM lighting control. They enable scalable and flexible lighting control systems, and greatly simplify the jobs of installers, systems’ integrators and lighting designers.
905 DIGIDIM Router
910 DIGIDIM Router
920 Imagine Router
950 Router
Helvar can offer 2 sensors in this easy-Switch range, Surface mount and Flush mount. Configurable for any room occupancy style, it switches
on the connected load if the area is occupied and the illuminance is lower than the specified level (with the photocell activated).It allows simple selection of presence or absence detection to control both lighting and
non-lighting loads.
SF-PIR-SW-01 Flush-Mount PIR Switching Sensor
SS-PIR-SW-01 Surface-Mount PIR Switching Sensor
These components can all be Connected to a Freedom LED driver or to an ActiveAhead Adapter DA. Makes luminaire design and assembly easy while offering excellent radio signal quality out from the luminaire. Operates the luminaire according to continuous learning and optionally configured settings. ActiveAhead Nodes form a low-energy Bluetooth Mesh network through which they share information; e.g., on the detected changes in their vicinity.
3021 Active+ Sense (3021, 302101)
3022 ActiveAhead Sense Outdoor
5605 ActiveAhead Control Unit
5606 ActiveAhead Control Unit DALI
5609 ActiveAhead Node Advanced
5630 ActiveAhead Sense
5652 ActiveAhead Node
5691 ActiveAhead Sense Rectangular Holder